Drone Mapping Services

Drone Mapping Services

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The movement of earth on site can be hard to manage as most of your sites are so fast moving. Better use of technology and mass data will only bring better efficiencies on site resulting in better decisions, smarter working and cost savings. Housebuilders are now starting to use this type of technology with great success. If all teams started use this type of data in their day-to-day work, smarter working and group collaboration and better control of your sites will follow.

We collect regular level data and compare this against the as built and formation levels, we could control the earth movement and progress of our builds in a much more effective way. Having the ability to question invoices and manage the cut and fill movement of earth across your sites will bring cost savings.

We create a unique and accurate 3D earthworks model of your site, this is then overlaid into our drone data to support your cut and fill strategy on all of your sites.



  • We can produce a 3D earthworks model from your engineers drawing.
  • Convert all of your CAD drawings into 3D and overlay these into the drone data.
  • Compare the asbuilt to your CAD files and the formation surface. 
  • The movement of earth on site can be hard to question as most of our sites are.
  • Better use of technology and mass data will only bring better efficiencies on site.
  • Housebuilders are now starting to use this type of technology with great success.
Drone Mapping Services


Photogrammetry is the science of collecting physical information from 2D photos, RTK aerial images captured from the sky. By combining enough overlapping images of the same features, photogrammetry software can be used to generate photorealistic 3D representations of topographic surfaces. Surveying and GIS professionals use drone photogrammetry, along with accurate GPS data to create 3D maps and models for use in construction. The method we have been using includes the science of photogrammetry above along with accurate imagery from a drone using an RTK corrections network from the drone and on the ground. Ground control points placed around the site along with checkpoints for validation. Using this process 100+ million points of data can be collected in under an hour.

The drone data is then processed into a number of files: point cloud, 3D model, digital surface model, triangulated DXF, contours and a high resolution ortho image. The data is then hosted online on a CAD platform for measurements, annotations, comparison and expert reports with all of the inforamtion you need. Using the 100+ million points of data, you can export simplified CAD exports that can drop alongside your site files for secondary comparisoin and validation.  You can overlay most CAD files for comparison or to compare the current surface to the current asbuit drone data within our portal. The ability to access millions of points of data and upload your own linework and models makes this the go to solution for controlling the modern-day construction site.

Drone Mapping Services


Our clients praise us for our great work, safety, data accuracy and quality. Here are what just a few of them had to say:

  • "I have worked with Drone Surveying for some years now, from checking a boundary of new land to auditing earthworks. The use of Drones on our sites is now standard, we monitor progress and calculate cut and fill via the online software as our sites progress."

    David Storm
    Technical Director

  • “We use Drone Surveying on all of our sites to support our cut and fill strategy, with regular surveys and their cutting-edge software we’re able to manage our sites much more effectively”

    Iain Hamilton
    Technical Director

  • “The use of regular mass data collection and the latest drone technology and practices, will without doubt save us time and money on our sites.”

    Ian McIntyre
    Engineering Manager

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